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Our domestic moling services are eco-friendly and low-cost. We use a trenchless technique to burrow through soil for water main replacements or installations and guarantee low surface disruptions. A pneumatic unit digs a tunnel by displacing soil through hammering.


The moling process starts by excavating pits at specific intervals. The mole enters the ground and digs a channel towards the destination pit where it emerges to the surface. It's a steel pneumatic cylinder which uses compressed air to hammer away the soil in front. It creates a channel through which we pull the water main pipeline.


Not only is it cost effective, but it also minimises the time required to complete the water main installation project. Instead of excavating large scale trenches which require backfills, we only make small holes into the ground.


The pipeline size ranges between 25mm and 150mm and installation distances stand at about 20m in one hit. Moling is suitable for certain types of soils comprising soft material such as clay, sand or light gravel.


Other rigid soils can damage the equipment and compromise the entire project. It's the best approach in congested areas, to reach under obstacles, roads or waterways. Our team will confirm if your project is suitable for domestic moling services. If it's not, we'll advise on the best alternative solution.


Our skilled professionals achieve increased daily installation rates of about 100 meters depending on the pipeline's diameter and the soil conditions. Pipes range in lengths and can reach around 20 meters. And, we can target the location with -/+50 mm accuracy. It's a quick and easy fix.


Hydrosure's underground moling services guarantee genuine resolutions for your project. We cover each aspect of the procedure from site surveillance, source identification, moling, and pipeline installation. Hydrosure integrates the full set of services required for impact moling procedures.



We'll offer on-site consultation regarding the suitability of the service for your project and provide you with a feasibility study. When you agree to our solutions, we'll start works immediately. Another benefit of impact moling is that it doesn't require many licenses or authorisations. However, Hydrosure takes care of everything. Just give us the green light and we'll deliver your project in the shortest time possible


As one of the North Easts leading moling contractors, Hydrosure undertakes all the necessary steps to provide an optimised and efficient outcome. Rather than excavate a trench, we use impact moling trenchless technology to secure a fast and effective result for your project.


To minimise surface disturbance and keep costs on the low, we only use highly qualified professionals and use ultra-modern equipment. Our clients are our partners and each project comprises a Hydrosure signature solution. We guarantee ultimate flexibility to meet and exceed your requirements regardless of soil conditions or the overall setting.


Hydrosure's team will advise on the best options and perform conforms to the highest standards in the industry. We diligently prepare the site and start works once all safety and security measures are in place. Hydrosure provides the best possible outcome for your project.

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We offer a 24/7 emergency find and fix call out service.
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