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Hydrosure domestic moling Ashington service is affordable and environmentally friendly. To reduce surface disruption, we burrow through the soil to install the water mains.


The soil is displaced through hammering, and this creates tunnels through which we can install the water pipelines. 


To install the water mains, we will first excavate pits at predetermined intervals. For this purpose, we will use a steel pneumatic cylinder. This cylinder serves as the mole. It will dig a tunnel towards the destination pit, and at this point, it will rise to the surface. This channel is then used to install the water mains. 

This method of installing water mains is quick as we do not have to excavate large trenches. We only make small holes in the ground. As an extra advantage, the holes will not need to be backfilled. This will reduce the time taken for the entire process to be completed. The process is also non-disruptive and you will be able to go about your regular business as we install the water mains. Also, installing water mains in this way is cost effective. 

It is worth noting that moling is only suitable for soft soils like clay, sand, and light gravel. Harder soils can damage the moling equipment and compromise the whole operation. If you live in a compressed environment, you will find moling a good approach to the installation of water mains. This is because it is not affected by obstacles like roads and waterways. The moling equipment goes under these obstacles. 

Our team will let you know whether moling can be used for your water mains installation project. If this method is not applicable, we will give other suitable alternatives. 


Our water mains installation team installs about 100 metres of pipelines every day. The installation rates vary based on soil conditions and the diameter of the pipes. The length of the pipes can reach 20 metres. We target the locations with an accuracy of 50 metres.


Our professionals will handle the entire pipeline installation process from the site surveillance to the actual installation of the pipes. We guarantee you a full resolution of your project. You can call us for emergency services. 



Our professional pipeline installation team will conduct a feasibility test to determine the suitability of our services to your project. We will offer you our suggestions on the best pipeline installation method. As soon as you agree with our recommendations, we will start the installation process. This pipeline installation method will not require any licenses, so we will not need to wait for any authorisation.


Hydrosure is one of the best domestic moling Ashington services. We take all the necessary precautions to make sure you get an efficient and optimised outcome.


Our professionals will use the moling technique to install the pipes, and this will lead to minimal surface disruption.


We also use ultra modern moling equipment to make the process efficient and cost-effective. 

Our professionals will test your soils to determine whether moling can be a suitable pipeline installation method.


We will then prepare the site and start work after all security and safety measures are in place. You can call us for emergency services at any time of the day or night. 

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