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Hydrosure offers one of the best domestic moling Sunderland services. We use a trenchless technique to replace and install pipelines. Our team will mole through your soil to create a path for the pipeline to follow. This service is eco-friendly and highly affordable. 


Our team will start by making pits at set intervals. The mole will then be inserted in the pits, and it will burrow through the soil till it reaches the destination. At this point, it will emerge to the surface of the soil. This is the path which we will use to pull the main water pipe. The entire process will be completed in a very short time since we do not have to dig and fill trenches. 

Our team will also have to carry out feasibility tests to determine the type of soil you have. Harder and more rigid soils are not suitable for the moling process as they can damage our tools. Moling is especially useful in places where there are obstacles like roads. In such places, you will not be able to dig trenches. 


Hydrosure employs highly skilled professionals. They achieve daily installation rates of about 100 metres. The actual length covered will be determined by the condition of the soil as well as the diameter of the pipes


Hydrosure has a highly trained team, so you can be sure that your problem will be fully resolved. The team is equipped with technologically advanced tools. We will start by surveying the site and identifying the source. We will then carry out the moling procedure, and then we will install the pipes. 



We will be able to answer any questions you may have regarding our service. We will also provide you with a feasibility test and determine how suitable your soil is to our moling service. Based on the feasibility test, we will offer you the best solutions. The team will start the moling process as soon as you give us your response. An advantage of this method is that it does not require many licenses. This means it can be completed quickly. 


At Hydrosure, we take all the necessary steps to ensure that we keep our top position as a domestic moling Sunderland contractor.


We use trenchless technology to replace and install pipelines. This means we will create very little surface disturbance.


The tools we use are ultra modern and highly efficient, so you should expect our service to be highly affordable.

Our professionals will examine your soil and advice you on the best installation methods to use. They will then secure the site and start the installation process. 

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