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Our directional drilling services are suitable for high scale commercial projects. We provide eco-friendly and low-cost solutions for a wide range of underground water mains projects.


Directional drilling is a horizontal drilling technique which involves a pilot borehole and a pre-established hole path. Through back reaming, we enlarge the channel following the tunnel made by the pilot bore. We then pull the water main pipeline through the channel.


This drilling technique is suitable for crowded areas, or environmentally protected zones. With a successful track record of projects completed using this method, Hydrosure guarantees top quality and highly effective services.


We can achieve installation rates of around 200 meters daily depending on the diameter of the pipeline and the soil conditions. Pipe sizes vary between 25 mm and 355 mm. We can install up to 200 meters in one hit. The pipeline lengths can measure up to 250 meters, again depending on soil conditions and the size of the pipeline.


Each project starts with our experts performing a rigorous survey of your site to determine the existing pipeline conditions and ground composition. If the property doesn't include a water main system, we can offer fully integrated solutions for a top scale project.



We're your partners and aim to achieve the best possible outcome for your water main installation system. The directional drilling process allows us to minimise any disturbances of the surrounding setting and maximise the efficiency of our works. We guarantee fast-paced and diligent procedures and deliver your project on time. After completion, we'll perform the required formalities to deliver the project. We're a certified UK water main solutions provider and integrate all government rules and regulations throughout our entire portfolio of services. After we successfully commission the installation, we'll clear the site and leave no marks on the surrounding or environment.


From the beginning to the end of your water main installation or replacement project, Hydrosure is your partner. We'll guide you through each step of our processes and provide regular updates.


Hydrosure's directional drilling services guarantee rapid, efficient and low-cost water main installation and replacement procedures with minimum impact on the environment.


It also allows us to reach under any existing buildings or structures without compromising their architecture. There's no disruption of surface infrastructure or services and we minimise the impact on active water mains.


Our staff of highly qualified personnel uses various technologies to determine any leaks in the water main network and provide the required services for repairs/ replacements. We can precisely determine where the leak is and target it immediately. The sooner we repair the leak, the faster you can optimise the water flow in your system.


Unlike other directional drilling companies, Hydrosure approaches all its clients as partners. The company integrates strict standards and appoints highly performing teams to complete works in the shortest time span.


And, depending on your business' operations, we can perform works out of work hours to minimise any disruption to your staff and/ or clients.

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