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Hydrosure is a domestic moling Rothbury service that operates in the North East. We install pipelines without digging and filling trenches.


Instead, we use a steel pneumatic unit to burrow through the soil. Our services are environmentally friendly and low-cost. 


We start by excavating pits at regular intervals. For this process, we will use a steel pneumatic cylinder. The cylinder works as a mole and drills through the soil to create channels.


These channels will be used to pull the water mains. This process is faster than the traditional pipeline installation method, especially since we will not need to dig trenches. We only make small holes using the moling equipment. This technique is also cost-effective. 

Our professionals will start by carrying out a feasibility test to determine whether or not moling is suitable for your project. Soils with soft materials like light gravel and clay are better suited for moling. Harder materials can damage the moling equipment. If this technique cannot be used for your project, we will advise you on other alternatives. 


Our professionals will target the location with a 50-metre accuracy. On average, we install 100 metres of pipeline in a day. The daily installation rate is determined by the diameter of the pipes and the condition of the soils. 


At Hydrosure, we guarantee you a complete resolution for your project. Our professionals will handle all the aspects of the pipeline installation process. This includes the testing of your soils to determine the best pipeline installation method. 



We will offer you on-site consultation on the best pipeline installation method. Our professionals will carry out a feasibility test and give you feedback on the condition of your soils. As soon as you give us the go-ahead, we will start the pipeline installation process. There are no licenses required for moling, and this means we can start working on the project immediately. 


Hydrosure is a top-rated domestic moling Rothbury contractor. Our service is affordable and environmentally friendly. Instead of digging trenches, we install the pipes by creating channels with moling equipment.


This also means that we will not need to fill any trenches. Moling does not disrupt the surface as much as traditional pipeline installation techniques.


Our professionals will test your soils to determine whether our service can be used for your project. After carrying out the feasibility test, we will advise you on the best installation method.


We will then prepare the site and set up all the necessary safety and security measures. Our services are available 24/7, and we handle emergency find and fix situations.

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We offer a 24/7 emergency find and fix call out service.
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