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Our domestic moling Morpeth services are cost-effective and environmentally friendly. We use one of the simplest forms of trenchless technologies to lay pipes, ducts, and cables. A machine known as a mole burrows through the soil along a predetermined path of the pipe. 


The standard approach to moling is to dig pits at certain intervals. The mole is then entered into the ground on the horizontal face at the bottom of the hole. The machine forces its way through the soil thanks to the pulsed compressed air that causes the mole’s head to repeatedly hammer against the soil. This forms a tunnel that enables us to pull the pipe or duct. 

Moling is a more cost-effective and efficient alternative to traditional trenching methods which require excavating large scale trenches. Not only does moling minimize time and the cost of repairs, but it also minimizes disruption to your property. 

The sizes of the pipes vary from 25mm to 150mm and the installation distances stand at an interval of 20m. To ensure successful completion of the moling project, it is important that it’s done in the right soil types.


When carried out in unsuitable soil types, it can damage the machine and your property and compromise the moling process. Moling can be done in soils with soft texture such as sand, silt, clay or light gravel. The Hydrosure experts will evaluate your property to see if moling is a viable solution to your problem. If it’s not, we’ll recommend the best solution. 


Our skilled and qualified engineers achieve daily installation rates of approximately 100 metres depending on the ground conditions and the pipeline’s diameter. The lengths of the pipes and can reach up to 20 metres. It's fast and easy. 


Having successfully completed projects on existing structures, gardens, on congested areas and other environmentally sensitive areas, Hydrosure has a proven track record in domestic moling projects. When you hire us, we cover every aspect of the process from survey, identifying the source, moling and pipe installation/replacements. 



We will offer consultation regarding the feasibility of the process based on our site evaluation. When you agree to our recomendations, we can start work immediately or as soon as you would like. The good thing about molding is that it doesn’t need many licences or authorisations. But Hydrosure takes care of all the paper work. All you have to do is give us permission to proceed and we’ll get the task done in the shortest time possible. 


We are one of the best domestic moling Morpeth contractors for several reasons. Our moling services are affordable and cause minimal disruption to the site thanks to the trenchless technology we use.


Our services are also quick and effective. We guarantee the best results regardless of the ground conditions or overall setting. 

It’s worth mentioning that before we perform the molding process, we visit the site, conduct a detailed survey and check online for geological information.


We then advise you whether molding is the best solution. If it’s not, we provide feasible solutions for your project. 

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