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Losing water because of pipe leaks can be frustrating and expensive. And, the cost of excavating a trench can multiply your budget. Thankfully for you and your wallet Hydrosure uses an innovative trenchless solution to repair and replace water main pipelines. We use the moling method. It's a slightly invasive boring technique which involves a mole digging a tunnel. We then pull the water main pipeline through the channel. It's how we guarantee an easy and fast fix.


Before starting any works, a Hydrosure water main specialist will visit your property to identify the problems you're facing. If you already have a water main network in place and are experiencing low water flow, chances are you have a leak. Depending on the conditions of the rest of the pipeline, we may decide the best option is a repair or a full replacement of the pipeline segment.


We'll provide a feasibility study and the most suitable alternatives and upon your agreement, we'll start works immediately. Our engineers use various technologies to pinpoint leaks in a water main system such as ground microphones, correlators. If water rises to the surface in a location, it doesn't mean the leak is in the same place. We use a combination of high-end equipment and our experts' knowledge and experience to determine the right actions.


We'll perform a top quality and durable water supply pipe repair in the shortest time possible and with minimum disturbance of the surroundings. Hydrosure relies on trenchless solutions which are both cost-effective and eco-friendly. They minimise any disruptions of surface infrastructure and require minimum road closures.


Water utilities repair services are suitable for long pipeline systems. However, most residential water-main pipelines are short, and your best approach would be to replace it. You'll avoid any future difficulties and ensure a streamlined flow of water. We integrate top quality standards throughout the entire spectrum of services available and perform works in the safest conditions. Our inspectors are fully trained professionals and up-to-date with the latest technologies. We aim to provide complete services to our clients and deliver results which exceed any expectations.



We create partnerships with our clients and integrate best practices throughout each project. Our consultants offer detailed solutions and the best alternatives to meet your needs. We maximise our results by using non-disruptive, eco-friendly and rapid solutions. On-site inspections and surveys help us accurately determine the conditions of your pipeline and offer the best advice. When you give us the green light, we'll work on the next stages of the installation/repair/replacement project.


Hydrosure's team uses ultimate listening and detection technology to localise and determine any leaks in your system.


We'll fix them in the most cost-effective and efficient ways, depending on the conditions of the ground and pipeline system.


Once we identify the leak, if the ground composition doesn't allow for trenchless digging procedures, we'll offer you the best alternatives.


Our services cover the entire cycle of water pipeline repairs, replacement and system commissioning.


Our assessment covers the project and guarantees the simplest and easiest methods to fix your water main's leaks.

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We offer a 24/7 emergency find and fix call out service.
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