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The domestic moling Hexham services offered by Hydrosure are cost-effective and environmentally and socially friendly when compared to traditional trenching techniques.


We use a trenchless technology to burrow through the soil in existing structures and environmentally sensitive areas for installation or replacement of pipes, cables, and ducts. During the process, a soil displacement hammer known as a mole digs a tunnel through the ground along the desired path of the pipe. 


To start the process, we dig a hole about 1 m square and 2 m deep. We also dig a destination hole where the mole will emerge. The mole which is typically a pneumatic cylinder has compressed air that causes the head of the mole to hammer away the soil in front. In the process, it displaces soil creating a bore for the pipes, cables or ducts to be pulled. 

Trenchless moling technology is cost-effective and up to four times faster than the conventional methods of pipe and cable laying. It’s also less disruptive – it doesn’t require digging large trenches which require backfills. 

The diameter of the pipes ranges from 25mm to 150mm with installation distances standing at an interval of 20m. Moling can only be carried out in soft soils like sand, silt, clay, and fine gravel. When carried out in unsuitable soil types, it can damage our equipment, your landscape and compromise the project. Our engineers will confirm if moling is the best option for your project. If it’s not, we will advise on other viable options. 


Depending on the pipeline’s diameter and the ground conditions, our experienced engineers can achieve installation rates of about 100 meters on a daily basis. The lengths of the pipes vary and can reach about 20 metres. What’s more, we can target the area with an accuracy of -/+50 mm. 


We ensure high-quality results by integrating a full set of services. This includes source identification, survey, the moling process, and pipe replacement/installation. 



We offer consultation regarding a viable option for your project. When you agree to our proposal, we’ll start work immediately. We also get the required clearances, approvals, and licences for you. We’ll begin working on the project as soon as you give us the green light. 


As a leading domestic moling Berwick, Hydrosure ensures that the process is carried out efficiently and in a professional manner.


The trenchless technology allows us to excavate small areas (entry and exit points), causing minimal disruptions to your property. It also allows for speedier installation times. 

We have a team of experienced and professional engineers that is sure to provide outcomes that meet and exceed your expectations.


Our engineers will conduct a detailed survey and advise you on the best way to complete your project.

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