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Hydrosure offers fully integrated utility management services which cover everything from planning to successful project completion.


Through strategic partnerships with our customers, we provide efficient and cost-effective underground water main installation services.


Hydrosure's utilities management solutions include project planning, sourcing, licensing, drilling and pipes installation.


We use trenchless technology methods to provide efficient installation and minimum disruption to the local environment and landscape. It's both eco-friendly and keeps costs on the low.

Hydrosure caters to a wide range of clients including domestic, corporate or contractors across the UK. Our projects portfolio includes works on motorways, main roads, canals, port-side projects, and commercial venues. We've successfully delivered projects of all types and sizes by carefully engineering each step of our process.


We specifically tailor our services to your requirements. Whether you need a new water main installation, or you require upgrading of your existing equipment, Hydrosure guarantees custom designed solutions.


Before quoting an offer for your project, a Hydrosure water mains specialist will visit your site to measure and identify your requirements. Once we narrow down your requirements, we'll offer the most efficient solutions. Our aim is to optimise your project to ensure durability, extended lifetime and minimise any costs. Hydrosure's team of highly qualified engineers combined with innovative equipment are key to successful water main installation completion.


So, before you decide on your water main installation requirements and budget, contact Hydrosure's team and we'll help you get it right. We'll provide you with an outlined project feasibility plan. And, once you agree, we'll guarantee top quality, low cost and fast execution.



Our bespoke services integrate the full cycle of a water utilities installation project. Our experts perform complete site surveys to identify the required works and offer specialised consultation. At Hydrosure we aim to create a partnership with our clients and work with them to find the best resolutions for any project requirement.

What is a mole? It's a steel pneumatic cylinder which uses compressed air to displace the soil in front. This creates a bore suitable for the water main installation and decreases disturbance rates and costs.

With minimal ground disturbance and using radar scans, we can accurately establish whether you require an installation replacement or a simple repair. However, for new installations, we can get licenses and authorisations, and ensure connections to other existing mains.

To minimise any disturbances of the local landscape, we use impact domestic moling techniques. We don't dig out trenches. We excavate pits at precisely calculated distances and place a mole which emerges at the destination pit.

Another trenchless method we use is Directional Drilling. It's cost-effective and eco-friendly for a wide range of water mains installation projects. We drill a pilot hole along a pre-established path. We expand the hole following the path through back reaming and pull the pipe behind it. We've achieved high success rates using this method in major projects throughout the UK. Compared to traditional trenching techniques, Directional Drilling secures cost-effective, quick and eco-friendly underground water mains project deliveries. The method doesn't disrupt the local underground or surface infrastructure; it requires minimum road closures and only leaves a small footprint on the environment.


To pinpoint the location of water leaks, we use high-performance leak detection devices and listening equipment. This is how our experts can efficiently begin the repairs. However, because leak detection depends on different variables, you can't always identify the escape point through listening devices. So, sometimes, we perform minor excavations to detect the water leak.


Our professional team uses innovative listening and location systems which target any leaks in the pipeline. We can identify leaks in different pipes including lead, plastic, steel or black poly. We'll make a 1m x 1m excavation to access the faulty section and provide a fast fix. It's a low-cost option suitable if the rest of the pipe system is in good condition. However, if the water main is damaged you may require a full replacement. Our water mains specialist will suggest the best solution for your project.


Our utility management services ensure optimised water flow, increased water supply to your property and minimal utility costs. Both residential and commercial clients enjoy saving energy costs related to appliances dependent on water. Hydrosure works according to the Drinking Water Quality Standards set out by the UK Government. It's why our clients rely on our services to provide pure and top-quality water. But, we're also Eco-friendly. So, in our pursuit of protecting the environment, we try to minimise the need for bottled water and make sure our clients can enjoy top-quality tap-water. It's also cheaper.



Hydrosure offers a comprehensive utility management service and an extensive range of engineering solutions to a diverse group of customers from large businesses to domestic households.


Although established in 2017 we at Hydrosure have a wealth of experience in the utilities sector providing customers with cost-effective solutions with the minimum amount of disruption.

With over 25 years in the industry and with a passion for providing a better service Hydrosure was established to do exactly that.  Using a wealth of experience and expertise and also listening to what customers want, Hydrosure will ensure that customer satisfaction is a priority.


Using fully qualified staff and the latest technologies Hydrosure will achieve, if not exceed those high standards we strive for, and offer a comprehensive value-for-money service and become a trusted name within the industry.

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