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Hydrosure's professional team are experts in using different listening equipment and water leak detector units to identify faults in the pipeline. We can also quickly detect and find your water mains and make the required repairs immediately.


Water rising to the surface doesn't mean that the leak is at that point. That's because water usually finds the easiest escape point. So, to overcome any misinterpretation, we sometimes resort to excavating the site. It's not always possible to localise leaks by only using listening devices.


For example, leaks from pipes made of plastic are quiet compared to metal pipes. So, it's more difficult for us to identify the exact point of the leak. Also, some clients don't have precise records about the underground water supply networks or updates about modifications made. These situations require excavation works to localise the leak.


Our leak detection and pipe identification methods allow a rapid understanding and assessment of the water supply network. We use acoustic signals to grade the pipe segment and identify its condition. We can pinpoint leaks in small diameter water pipes made from any materials such as ductile iron, PVC or cast iron. We also provide large diameter leak identification solutions which combine leak detection and wireless connectivity technologies.


Hydrosure helps you improve your water supply efficiency on an operational and financial level by analysing and repairing the leak components. We inspect the site without disrupting the service cycle and perform surveys in active water pipes. A leaking pipe can compromise your entire water supply network, so your best approach is to identify the location and perform the works.



Our team of specialists is highly qualified in using innovative equipment to identify the cause and location of the leak. We'll offer you the right solutions depending on the water main pipeline's conditions. If it's in poor condition, your best approach is to replace the whole system.


As a leading UK water main installation and repair company, Hydrosure integrates the best practices throughout its procedures. We carry out rigorous surveys and inspect the site before offering any options. We'll provide a feasibility study and offer you the best solution for your project. Upon your consent, we'll perform the works to repair and/or replace the pipeline system.


Our solutions are cost-effective and highly efficient. We use a combination of technologies and skilled professionals to provide efficient results in the shortest time span.


Hydrosure's team uses ground microphones and pipeline leak correlators to optimise tracking and localisation. We can amplify and display the sound of water which is escaping from the pipe.


Ground microphones also help in tracking the pipe's underground path. However, leak correlators help in pinpointing the frequency of the water's sound as it escapes from a pipeline. The correlator compares the sensors' distance, signal delay and sound speed to show the leakage point.


We also use plastic pipe tracers to establish the precise location of any other underground pipes or cables before excavation words. Signal generators use a signal of around 33kHz which allow for cable and metal pipe tracing.

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We offer a 24/7 emergency find and fix call out service.
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