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Our domestic moling Gateshead service causes minimal destruction of the environment. The service is available in the North East, and we are currently one of the leading moling contractors in the region.


Our pipeline installation method is trenchless, and that allows us to complete the jobs fast. We simply burrow through the ground to create a path for the water mains. 


Our mains installation process does not involve the creation of trenches. We start by making pits at regular intervals. Then the mole will burrow through the soil and emerge at the destination. The mole is basically a pneumatic cylinder that pushes soil away using compressed air. The path created by the mole will be used to lay the water main pipeline. 

Moling allows us to save on costs, especially since we do not have to cover any trenches at the end of the day. We transfer these savings to our customers. The process is very simple, and this is why we are able to complete it in a very short time. 

Before we start the moling procedure, we will examine your soil to determine the best pipeline installation method. Moling is ideal for soils made of soft materials. Rigid and hard soils can easily damage our moling equipment. Our team will carry out tests on your soil and advice you on the best pipeline installation method for your particular soil type. 


Moling is quick and easy. On average, our team installs 100 metres of pipelines in a day. This figure will vary depending on the condition of your soil and the diameter of your pipeline. 


Hydrosure guarantees you a complete and genuine resolution. Our professionals will cover all aspects of the mains pipeline installation, including the surveillance of your site and the identification of the source. We use highly advanced tools to mole the ground and install the pipeline. 



We will be able to run feasibility tests on your soil and advice you on the best pipeline installation procedure. At the same time, we will advise you on the suitability of our service to your specific project. You should consider using impact moling procedures because it does not require many licenses. After offering our available solutions, we will listen to your responses and start work immediately. 


Hydrosure offers one of the best moling contractor services in the North East. Our service is eco-friendly and highly affordable.


The entire process will be completed in a very short time. This is because we have a highly trained team and some of the most technologically advanced tools.


Our team will start by examining the soil to determine the best pipeline mains installation procedure.


We guarantee you the highest levels of flexibility as we have to meet the requirements of your soil conditions and overall setting. Hydrosure offers a 24/7 emergency service.

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We offer a 24/7 emergency find and fix call out service.
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