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The domestic moling Berwick services we offer are environmentally friendly and cost effective. We employ a trenchless technique to bore under driveways, lawns, ditches, and obstacles for underground installation/repair projects. A soil displacement hammer known as a mole digs a tunnel through a previously mapped path. 


We dig entry and exit holes up to every 10 to 20 metres where possible. We then place the mole into the ground where it burrows through the soil. The mole is a pneumatic cylinder that uses compressed air to force itself through the soil. Consequently, it digs a tunnel in a designated route to the exit hole – this is where we pull the pipe, cable or duct. 

Not only is this trenchless technique pocket-friendly, but it also reduces the time required to install or replace the pipes, ducts or cables. It also reduces disturbance to your property since no continuous trenches are dug. 

The pipe sizes range from 25mm to 150mm while the distances for installation stand at about 20m in one shot. Moling is ideal for soil types with a soft texture. These include silt, sand, clay, fine gravel and coarse gravel. If conducted in unsuitable soil types, it can cause damage to your landscape, our equipment and even compromise the entire project. However, before we start moling, we’ll advise you as to whether it is a feasible option for your project. 


The team at Hydrosure achieve 100 metres of daily installation rates depending on the diameter of the pipes and the conditions of the soil. The lengths of the pipelines vary and can reach up to 20 metres. It’s worth mentioning that we can target the area with -/+50 mm accuracy. 


Our moling services guarantee genuine results for your project. Our team of professionals handles every aspect of the project including site survey, moling and pipe replacement/installation. Hydrosure integrates several services to ensure the procedure is successful. 



Hydrosure offers onsite consultation to let you know about the options you have for your project. When you agree to our recommendations, we start the moling process immediately. In addition to consultation services, we also take care of the licences and authorisations. Just give us the go-ahead and we’ll deliver results in the shortest time frame. 


As one of the leading domestic moling Berwick companies, Hydrosure takes all appropriate measures to ensure the results are desirable.


Instead of excavating trenches, we use trenchless technology to ensure quality outcomes.


Additionally, we only use ultra-modern equipment and highly experienced experts that help minimise disruptions and keep the costs down. 

We will advise you on your options and work on a solution that align with the highest standards in the industry. Our team prepares the location and start work only when all safety measures have been put in place. 

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