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Impact moling consists in using a pneumatically powered steel cylinder to perforate the earth. The idea is to create a narrow channel that’s perfect for then installing piping.


This technique is ideal as it is minimally intrusive: there is no need to dig trenches nor does it displace large volumes of soil, as is the case with compact boring. Impact boring is quick and affordable. 

Hydrosure handles both domestic moling Alnwick services impact boring and the installation of pipe work. 


Well, imagine a device that’s shaped somewhat like a torpedo that has a hammer mounted on its nose, the quick alternating motion of which provokes an impact that propels the entire torpedo forward. The device is pneumatic, meaning it’s powered by compressed air, and the hammer speed is variable —the device advances between 7 and 120 centimeters per minute. 

The idea is to open a narrow passage, between 30mm and 180mm for a single pass, depending on the different settings. This makes it possible to then install pipes between 25mm and 150mm in diameter. Before the device is used, small holes may be dug along the path of the pipe work at regular intervals in order to facilitate easier installation of the water mains. 

Residential moling is perfectly suited to softer ground such as clay, light gravel, and sand. The advantages to this technique are many, with the most obvious being that it is minimally invasive, trenchless, quick, cost effective, and if you have structural obstacles on top of the ground under which the water mains are to be installed you can simply dig underneath —just the way a mole would! 


Of course soil conditions, the diameter of the pipeline, and other factors may affect how much pipe we are able to install, but generally speaking, our team of impact moling and pipe installation can install 100 meters of piping in a single day. 


What’s more, our service is comprehensive, and covers every aspect of the job from initial inspection, to the impact moling, to the installation of the lengths of pipe, to clean up at the end of the day. Everything is done safely, efficiently, and in accordance with all applicable bylaws. 

All of our work is guaranteed, and we offer a round-the-clock emergency repair service in the case that there should ever be a problem with your pipes that we’ve installed. 



Our team will carefully inspect your site in order to determine the source of any current drainage problems and/or determine the best course of action to take regarding the installation/replacement of water mains. In the case that we determine that impact moling is not feasible for your project, we can recommend the right contractor for the job.


Using the most sophisticated trenchless excavation technology, and having the most experienced technicians, we have established ourselves as the leading company in domestic moling services in the entire region.


Our methods offer a much more environmentally friendly, affordable, and quicker solution to more traditional trench-based excavation methods. 

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