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When it comes to clearing earth for the installation of water mains and other pipes, Hydrosure's domestic moling Washington service is one of the most environmentally friendly and affordable methods. Since no trenches are dug, moling is also very non-invasive.


This specialised technique involves the use of an air powered or pneumatic tool that displaces soil, creating a narrow channel for the installation or replacement of pipes. 


The first step of the residential moling process consists in marking off points along the path of the piping at regular intervals, and then digging small pits at these points. The steel cylinder and the cable that connects it to its air compressor can then be inserted through the first pit, and then threaded through as it hammers away the soil. 

Since there is no need to dig out large trenches, there is no need to fill them back in. This makes moling a much quicker excavation process, which in turn makes it more affordable. 

After the channel has been punched out, pipe can be laid down, and the sizes of the piping range from 25mm to 150mm in diameter. Lengths of 20 meters of pipe can be installed before joints are required. Moling is ideal when there are lots of structural obstacles on top of the area where there are various structural obstacles that cannot be moved easily. Moling works best with soft soil, clay, sand, and light gravel. It is not suitable for coarser materials. 

In the case that our domestic moling services are not suitable for your property, our team will advise you as to the proper alternative method upon their inspection. 


Our team of experienced residential moling professionals are able to install 100 meters of piping on a daily basis. This includes the moling process and clean up. We are extremely accurate and are able to lay pipe within a 50mm margin of the targeted area. 


We stand behind all of our moling services with a complete guarantee. What’s more, we offer a 24/7 emergency repair service in the extremely rare instance that piping we have installed bursts or leaks. 



We cover all aspects of the job, and this includes the initial onsite inspection where we determine the source of any drainage problems and determine the type of soil on your property. No special permits or licenses are required for pneumatic impact moling, but we still ensure that everything is above board, both regarding your property and that of your neighbours. 

Once it has been determined that moling is a viable solution, we can begin work immediately.


Hydrosure have established ourselves as the leading residential moling company in the entire region with many satisfied customers.


Our team is highly trained and we only use the most sophisticated impact moling equipment. 

There are very types of soil and topography in our area that we cannot handle.


However, in the rare case that moling is not appropriate for your property, we will happily refer you to another trench-based excavation company

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We offer a 24/7 emergency find and fix call out service.
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