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Leaks can be tricky to pinpoint, but it’s crucial that they’re found before real damage occurs. That’s why Hydrosure's team of professionals are experts in utilising water leak detectors and listening equipment to find exactly where the fault lies.


We’ll source your water mains, find the leak detection Jedburgh and repair it as quickly as possible. 


We know that just because water is at the surface in one particular area, that’s not always where the leak is. That’s because water always flows to the point of least resistance. To make sure we get to the source of the leak, we might have to excavate the site. Listening devices alone aren’t always enough.


One reason for this is because leaks from plastic pipes are so much quieter than metal pipes. Sometimes, there are no records about the route of the underground water supply. These are the situations that may require an excavation to pinpoint and repair the leak. 


We use various traditional and high-tech methods which allow our expert team to get to grips with the water supply and any issues as quickly as possible.


Acoustic signals allow technicians to grade the pipe segment and check the condition. This allows us to trace leaks in small or larger diameter water pipes in any material, including ductile iron, cast iron, and PVC. 


Hydrosure restores your water supply to working order and saves you money by quickly analysing and repairing leaks. Site inspection is done without interrupting service wherever possible, and surveys are normally done on active pipes. Any leaking pipe can be a big problem across your entire water supply, so the best approach is to find it and fix it. 


We have non-invasive equipment and cutting-edge technology that helps us to pinpoint the exact location of the leak. Our equipment is accurate and allows our specialists to locate and repair the leaks as quickly and efficiently as possible. Once we locate the leaks, we provide personalized recommendations depending on the condition of your water supply network. 


We’re one of the UK’s top water mains repair and installation companies. Hydrosure always ensures best practices in all its inspections and repairs. Our surveys are always rigorous, and we’ll fully inspect the site before giving you your options. Whether it’s a repair job or a full replacement works, let us know that you consent to having the job done and we’ll get to work straight away. 

Hydrosure’s solutions are both cost-effective and efficient. By using a combination of innovative technology and highly skilled professionals, we get great results quickly. 
Our equipment includes pipeline leak correlators and ground microphones which make find the leak easier and help us be more accurate. These amplify the sound of water escaping from the pipe and display this, helping locate the leak quickly. Microphones also help in tracking where the pipe goes underground. The leak correlators search for the specific frequency of the sound of water leaking from a pipeline. The correlator uses distance, signal delay and frequency to accurately pinpoint the leak. 

Hydrosure also uses plastic pipe tracers to work out the exact location of other underground pipes or cables before excavation begins. We also utilise signal generators working at around 33kHz for metal pipe and cable tracing. 

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We offer a 24/7 emergency find and fix call out service.
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