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When a leaking water pipe causes problems, you need a professional. Hydrosure's team are experts at pinpointing the exact location of a leak fast, using innovative listening equipment and water leak detectors.


We’ll find your water mains, source the leak and ensure it’s repaired efficiently. 


Surface water doesn’t always indicate the point of a leak. Water will always flow to the point of least resistance, meaning that it can sometimes be hard to know where the fault actually lies. Finding the leak can mean excavating the site.


Listening devices may not always be enough. Leaks from plastic pipes are often quieter than water escaping from metal pipes. There may also be minimal or even no records of the route of the water pipes. In either of these situations, excavation would be required to find the exact point of the problem. 


Hydrosure uses a variety of methods to ensure your repair work is carried out as quickly and as accurately as possible. Technicians utilise acoustic signal generators to grade pipe segments and check what condition it is in.


We can trace leaks in small or large diameter water pipes in many different materials, including ductile iron, PVC, and even cast iron. 


By quickly finding and repairing the leak, we get your water supply back up and running which saves you money and hassle. We don’t interrupt service with our site inspection as surveys are quickly completed on active pipes. Our ‘Find and Fix’ approach means you can get back to normal as quickly as possible. 


Our technicians are highly trained in some of the most advanced and innovative water detection equipment there is. We focus solely on identifying the source of the leak and offering the right solution depending on the pipe’s condition. Water pipes in very poor condition could need replacing, but we’ll be on hand to give you the right advice. 


As one of the UK’s leading leak detection Alnwick and installation companies, Hydrosure ensures best practices in all surveys, inspections, and repairs. We’re always rigorous and we’ll fully inspect the site before telling you what your options are. As soon as you’ve had time to think it over, give us your consent and we’ll either replace or repair the pipes, depending on what’s required. 

By using a combination of innovative technology and highly skilled professionals, we get great results quickly. This makes Hydrosure both cost-effective and efficient. 
Our innovative water leak detection equipment includes ground microphones and leak correlators to accurately pinpoint leaks. They amplify and display the noise of water escaping from the pipe. 

These ground microphones can also track the route of the pipe underground. Leak correlators use signal delay, distance, and sound frequency to show exactly where the water is leaking from. 

Hydrosure even checks where other utilities have their pipes and cables before starting any work. We utilise signal generators which work at 33kHz for pipe and cable tracing. 

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We offer a 24/7 emergency find and fix call out service.
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