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Hydrosure’s highly trained professionals utilise non-destructive equipment to offer leak detection services in Cramlington. 


The leak detection equipment we use in Cramlington allows us to quickly identify leaks and make required repairs immediately. 


Leaks do not always result in water rising to the surface as water always finds the easiest escape point. Additionally, it’s not always possible to locate the leak site by using listening devices. When this is the case, our experts resort to excavating the site to find the exact point of the leak. 

For example, leaks from plastic pipes are quiet when compared to water leaks from metal pipes. It’s, therefore, more difficult to locate the exact source of the leak. Also, some clients do not have details about the underground water supply networks or updates about modifications. 


Our leak detection Cramlington system features a transducer that’s sensitive to leakage sounds coming from a plumbing system. Sounds registered on the machine are then transmitted to the security system at a higher frequency.


The amplified leakage sound is then detected by our machines allowing our team of professionals to determine the exact spot of the water leak. 


Hydrosure aims to save you money and stress when you have a leakage in your water supply system. We use non-destructive equipment to locate leaks and repair them. Therefore, you can rest assured that we will detect and repair leaks with minimal damage or disruption to your property. 


We have non-invasive equipment and cutting-edge technology that helps us to pinpoint the exact location of the leak. Our equipment is accurate and allows our specialists to locate and repair the leaks as quickly and efficiently as possible. Once we locate the leaks, we provide personalized recommendations depending on the condition of your water supply network. 


Hydrosure, a leading water main installation, and repair company in the UK, integrates the best practices into its processes. We carry out rigorous surveys, on-site inspections and provide a feasibility study and solutions to address the problem. Upon your consent, we’ll perform repairs and/or replace the water supply network. 

We provide solutions that are cost-effective and highly efficient. Our team of experts uses innovative equipment to provide efficient solutions within the shortest time period. 

Our team uses ground microphones and leak correlators to find the exact location of a leak. The ground microphones are used to detect and amplify the noise created by leaks in water pipes. Leak noise correlators can locate quiet leaks and filter out background noise commonly experienced in large diameter pipelines. These devices compare two recordings of sound data to determine the difference in time taken for noise to travel from the leak site to each sensor. 

Another equipment we use is the plastic pipe trace which allows us to locate leaks in small diameter, non-metallic pipes.

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We offer a 24/7 emergency find and fix call out service.
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