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The team at Hydrosure has the expertise in using sophisticated methods to tackle all leak detection Berwick-on-Tweed matters.


We can quickly identify the source of the problem without destroying anything in your property. 


We carry out a survey to try and locate the source of the leak. If there aren’t any visible signs of the water leak, we may resort to excavating the site. It’s worth mentioning that it’s not always possible to find the location of a leak using listening devices. 

For example, water leaks from plastic pipes are quiet compare to leaks from pipes made of metal. Consequently, it’s very difficult for our team to localise the leak. In addition to this, some clients do not have records of the underground water supply networks or updates about modifications made to their plumbing system. 


Our leak detection Berwick and pipe identification system allow us to quickly understand and assess the water supply network. The system uses a transducer to identify a sound coming from the water supply system. It then amplifies and transmits the sound to the system attached to it.


Using the amplified sound and other details provided by the leak detection device, our experts can easily grade the pipe segment and determine the location of the leak. 


Our skilled leak detection specialists help you improve your water supply efficiency on an operational and financial level. We detect and repair leaks without destroying anything in your property. Whether the leak is behind the wall, under floors or down the drain, we can quickly analyse and repair the components. 


Our experienced and highly qualified specialists use state-of-the-art equipment to identify the cause and the exact location of the leak. We then provide accurate recommendation to help alleviate the problem. The recommendations we provide will depend on the condition of your water supply network. If the system is in poor condition, we will advise you to replace it. 


As the number one water main installation and repair company in the UK, we integrate the best practices into all our processes. We conduct thorough surveys and inspect the site before providing any recommendations. We will perform a feasibility study and give you the best solution to the problem. Upon your consent, we will repair the leaks and/or replace your water supply system. 

We provide highly efficient and cost-effective solutions. We combine cutting-edge technology and skilled experts to provide efficient solutions in the shortest time possible. 

Our team uses highly sensitive ground microphones and leak noise correlators to determine the exact location of the leak. These devices feature signal amplifiers and noise filters that make the leak signal stand out. 

Ground microphones also help in tracking the pipe’s network. Leak correlators are used in leak surveys and pinpointing modes. They measure leak noise (either sound or vibration) at two locations on a pipe. The correlators determine the location of the leak based on the distance between the sensing points, the propagation velocity of leak noise and the time shift of the maximum correlation of the two leak signals. 

Another device we use is the tracer wire which enables us to accurately locate any other underground cables or pipes before excavation begins. Signal generators generate a signal of around 33kHz which allows cable and metal pipes to be traced. 

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