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Hydrosure is a leading pipe installation and leak detection company in Washington. We pride ourselves in being timely, affordable and highly reliable. Also, we use the most technologically advanced equipment to check for faults. 


With our equipment, we are able to successfully find the source of your leakage in a very short time. In many cases, we choose to use excavation methods to localise the leaks. This is especially a good solution for pipes that are made of plastic.

In metal pipes, it is easy to find the fault with listening devices. This is because the water escapes from the faults with a very loud sound. Excavation is also the best solution for people who do not have good records on the modifications made to the pipes. 


Our leak detection Washington procedure is straightforward. We use acoustic signals to determine the location of the leak and at the same time determine the condition of the pipes. If your pipes are narrow, we can easily find the source of the leak using the sound devices. However, with wider pipes, we will be forced to use wireless technology to find the faults. We can work on pipes made of all materials. 


With our highly advanced equipment and skilled experts, we can guarantee you a solution at the end of the day. Fixing your pipes will help you save a lot of money in the long run since the water bills can easily rise significantly. Our services are very lowly priced, so you will still end up saving a lot of money. 


Our highly advanced equipment will help us complete the job in the shortest time span possible. The tools will even help us determine the condition of your pipes so that we can advise you accordingly. If the pipes are in very poor condition, we will advise you to replace them since the faults may re-emerge in the future. 

One of the tools we use is the ground microphone. This tool helps us track the path followed by the underground pipes. We also use leak correlators. These are used to amplify the sound made by the water as it leaves the point with the fault. The tools show the location of the fault by comparing the distance of the sensors, the signal delays, and the speed of the sound. Plastic pipe tracers are also used to streamline the process. They are used to determine the location of the underground pipes and cables so that the team can start the excavation process. 


Water leaks can raise your bills every month. Also, they can compromise your water network.


Our expert team is timely and will arrive at your place as fast as possible.


We are available 24/7, so you can call us whenever you have an emergency.


You should also use our services because of our low prices.


Although we charge low prices for the service, you can expect the highest levels of quality.


We use the best equipment available, so you will also enjoy a quick resolution.

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We offer a 24/7 emergency find and fix call out service.
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