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Hydrosure is one of the highest-rated mains instalment and leak detection companies in Sunderland. We offer quick and high-quality services to people all around the country. 


We will first check the material used to make your water pipes. If it is made of metal, our listening devices will be used to find the point of the leakage. This is because water makes a lot of noise when escaping from metal pipes.


Many people think the leaks are always located in the point where water rises. This is not always true because the water will usually find the easiest escape point. If your pipes are made of plastic, the listening devices on their own will not be sufficient. In such cases, we have to excavate the site. 


When identifying leaks in your pipes, we will use acoustic signals to establish the condition of your pipes. In some cases, a complete installation of new pipes will be your best option. It will be up to you choose your preferred solution. 


Hydrosure is a top-rated water mains installation company in Sunderland. Our services are highly reliable. We try as much as possible to minimise disruption in your place as we locate the source of the leak. For greater convenience, we use the best technology to quickly locate the source of the leaks and fix the pipes. A leaking pipe can cost you a lot of money in water bills, and it could also compromise your water network. 


Our company also invests heavily in the most technologically advanced equipment. These include the ground microphones, the pipeline leak correlators, and the pipe tracers. The ground microphones are used to trace the path of the underground pipes. The leak correlator, on the other hand, is used to pinpoint the frequency of the water as it escapes through the fault in the pipe. It tracks the distance of the sound, the delay of the signal, and the speed of the sound.


The pipe tracers are also highly innovative tools. They are used to check the location of the underground pipes before the excavation process starts. The pipe tracers are also highly innovative tools. They are used to check the location of the underground pipes before the excavation process starts. 


Hydrosure guarantees you quality, reliability and efficiency. All of these benefits are provided at very low prices.


With our highly advanced equipment, we will be able to resolve your leaks in a very short time, regardless of the material or width of your pipes.


Before we offer you any solutions, we will thoroughly inspect the condition of the pipes.


Depending on your preference, we will change the pipes or repair the existing ones.


We are also available 24/7 and are ready to attend to emergencies at any time. 

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We offer a 24/7 emergency find and fix call out service.
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