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Hydrosure is a company that specialises in leak detection in the Morpeth area.


After identifying the source of the leak, we will either repair the existing pipes or install new ones. 


Often, we will use listening devices to localise leaking points in pipes. However, this method alone can be misleading, especially if you have plastic pipes. This is because water does not make a lot of sound when escaping from plastic surfaces.


If you have plastic pipes, we will have to excavate the site before we use the listening devices. Excavation can also be necessary with metallic pipes. For example, if the client does not have precise records of the modifications made to the piping system, we may be forced to excavate the site. 


Our professionals use acoustic signals to check for leaks and determine the condition of the pipes. We are able to work with all types of pipes, whether narrow or wide. Detecting leaks in narrow pipes is quite simple. We will only need to use listening devices for such pipes, particularly if they are made of metal. For wider ones, we will have to use wireless connectivity technologies to locate the leaks. 


With our professionals, you can expect your problem to be handled in a quick and reliable manner. This is because they are trained to work efficiently and are also provided with some highly advanced leak detection tools. We will not disrupt your water piping network as we try to locate the leaks. You should note that a leaking pipe can compromise your entire water supply network. All leaks should, therefore, be fixed in good time. 


At Hydrosure, we use the most technologically advanced equipment to locate leaks. Some of these tools are the ground microphones, the pipeline leak correlators, and the plastic pipe tracers. The ground microphones help our professionals track the path taken by the underground pipes.


On the other hand, the leak correlators are used to determine the location of the leak by checking the distance of the sensors, the signal delays, and the sound speed. Finally, the plastic pipe tracers are used to check the exact locations of any other underground pipes and cables. This particular tool is used just before the excavation process begins. 


We are a leading water leak detection company in Morpeth and have managed to create a positive reputation in the community.


This is primarily because we employ the best practices. We always carry out thorough tests before giving you any report. Once this is done, we will offer you practical and helpful suggestions.


Many people also like our services because of our low prices. With our company, you will enjoy efficient and high-quality services without having to dry your pockets.


We are also timely and will complete your tasks in the shortest time possible. Our company has a 24/7 emergency service, so feel free to call us at any time.

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We offer a 24/7 emergency find and fix call out service.
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