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The team at Hydrosure uses its expertise along with cutting-edge technology to locate the source of water leaks.


The leak detection equipment we use in Ashington allows us to quickly identify leaks and make required repairs immediately. 


Water rising to the surface doesn’t always mean that that’s the location of the leak. This is because water always finds the easiest escape route. To avoid misdiagnosing the problem, we sometimes make an excavation on the site. This is because not all leaks can be identified by using listening devices. 

For example, leaks from metal pipes are noisier when compared to leaks from pipes made of plastic. It’s therefore difficult for our experts to locate the exact point of the leak. Another scenario where we may excavate the site is when the client doesn’t have accurate records of the underground water supply networks or up to date details about modifications made. 


We use acoustic signals to determine the type and location of the leakage. The signals allow our specialists to hear any type of leak far into a structure’s water lines.


We can identify leaks in small diameter water pipes made from different materials including cast iron, PVC and ductile iron. We also provide solutions for large diameter leakages which combine leak detection and wireless connectivity technologies. 


We use non-invasive technology to locate leaks no matter where they are. Consequently, we help you save money and avoid further damage that can disrupt the structure of your home. We can detect leakage anywhere in your water supply system and repair it without disrupting your daily routine or compromising the structural integrity of your property. 


Our team of highly qualified specialists uses innovative equipment to locate the source of the leak. We also provide custom solutions depending on the condition of your water supply system. In some cases, we may advise you to replace the entire system. 


As one of the leading leak detection companies in Ashington, Hydrosure uses the best practices in all its processes. We carry out on-site inspections before recommending any solutions. We’ll do a feasibility study and offer the best solution for your problem. When you agree to the solution we’ve provided you, we will perform the repair and/or replace the pipeline system. 

Our solutions are highly efficient and cost-effective. The innovative technology along with our highly-trained technicians enable us to provide efficient services in the shortest span of time. 

The team at Hydrosure uses acoustic microphones and pipeline leak correlators for tracking and localisation purposes. The acoustic microphones detect and amplify noise created by leaks. The sensors record and transmit the sound by radio to the processing device enabling the technicians to determine the exact location of the leak on the pipe. The sensors work by correlating the sound that reaches the sensors and measuring the difference in time taken for the noise to travel from the leak location to each sensor. 

We also use plastic pipe tracers to trace leaks in small diameter, plastic pipes before excavation. 

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