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House water service line problems are inevitable for people who own property. The most common problems are cracks or holes that develop as a result of external corrosion from frost or soil.


Water pipes are under constant pressure so a crack or a hole causes the water to flow out of the pipe and penetrate to the street, lawn or basement of your home.


As a result, contaminated water enters your house water pipeline which can cause infections. It is important to immediately call for a water mains replacement Washington service to avoid long-term damage to your property or home. 


Hydrosure is your ultimate service company for making such repairs. The company uses trenchless technology called moling to replace the damaged water main pipe. The method eliminates the need for digging a large hole as in conventional pipe replacement methods, which reduces environmental disturbance.


Initially, moling was developed for installing small diameter pipes in compressible soils over a short distance before companies used it as a mainstream water mains replacement method.

At Hydrosure, our professionals use moling for domestic water mains installation to create streamlined water supply systems that operate from the stop tap at the end of the house to the interior. We are careful to follow the state’s regulations regarding water supply and so, our clients are confident of getting clean water for drinking.

We perform the water mains replacement procedure in five stages. Once you have contacted the office, we send professionals to examine the site and identify the problem. This stage enables our professionals to analyse the site requirements and determine if they will need additional equipment for the process. The professionals then provide an outline of the entire process and once an agreement is reached, the excavation process begins. The professionals then replace the damaged pipes and connect new ones for an uninterrupted flow of water.

Hydrosure is one of UK’s leading certified contractors that has a track record of offering long-lasting, reliable and eco-friendly water main installations. So, you are sure to get the best services.


We use the standard moling approach where a hole measuring 1m and 2m deep is created using pneumatic moling equipment. The equipment is then allowed to penetrate the earth horizontally and a destination hole that has the same proportions dug where the mole will emerge. Once the mole passes through the destination hole, the pipe is pulled through the horizontal hole.



Moling is our primary mains replacement technique due to the following reasons:

• It is eco-friendly
• Short installation time
• Reduced labour costs
• Does not lead to road closure
• Does not cause extensive excavation hence, minimal disruption

All such benefits enable Hydrosure professionals to provide more cost-effective and efficient water mains replacement methods compared to conventional techniques.




For successful moling installation, it is important to carry out the procedure in the right soil types. As such, we perform the process on clay, silt, fine and coarse gravel and sand soils.


Hydrosure offers a range of engineering solutions and utility management services as well to domestic clients and large businesses.


The company was established in 2017 and has a wealth of experience in providing cost-effective utility solutions.


What’s more, we work with a team of experts that has more than 25 years of experience in this industry, so you are confident of getting the best services.


Additionally, we have invested in a range of state-of-art equipment that ensures our customers get value for their funds.

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