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Our trusted and high-quality water mains replacement Sunderland solutions offer low-cost and trench-less processes to ensure top results for you. 


We apply advanced moling equipment to precisely drill boreholes. This is how we make enhanced waterways without needing full-scale excavations. Moreover, this technique ensures only a slight impression on the surrounding environment and lessens disruption on local land. 

For household water mains systems, we produce an efficient water source from the stop tap at the threshold of your property up to the inner system. We meet all standards and governmental regulations with our procedures to offer clear, sanitary, and consumable tap water 

A Hydrosure expert will consult on your premises to understand your needs. We’ll offer an overview of the solution and, on acceptance, we’ll commence work on the spot. We commit to fully integrated solutions for top results, in good time. 

Hydrosure is a foremost certified contractor with proven high-quality in delivering trusted, hard-wearing water main installation


We utilise powerful pneumatic moling equipment which digs level and parallel boreholes linking excavations. They shift the earth ahead of them using a repetitious pounding motion. We then, by hand, dig a square hole, approximately two meters deep. We’ll dig a target hole through which the moling machine will resurface. Upon completion of the desired route, we simply feed the water main through.



This process minimises equipment and labour expenses, and mitigates disturbances to the local environment. It’s a faintly intrusive water main installation procedure, appropriate for boring beneath obstructions, paved areas, lawns or ditches. 

The benefits of moling comprise the safeguarding of the surroundings, relatively little intrusion or disruption, fast installation time and no disturbance of surface structures of services. 

By utilising the moling process, we can reduce the time taken to substitute water mains. We can offer a timely and affordable solution than that required by a full excavation. 




Effective moling processes demand certain kinds of soil. Each kind of earth composition has a particular effect on the procedure. We can use the moling technique in earth containing clay, sand, fine and coarse gravel, and silt. Other kinds of soils can impair the equipment, and also the surroundings. 

We cautiously devise and deliver all water mains replacement processes to the high standards of the industry. We provide main water line substitution projects and other solutions to ensure an effective consequence for our customers. Any water pipe replacement Sunderland service begins with a site visitation, consultancy from our specialists, and offering you the best, tailored approach. Whether you need a lead pipe exchange or an alternate water pipe substitution, Hydrosure is the key. 

Changing a mains water supply pipe necessitates a specialised team of engineers and high-quality equipment to deliver the finest pipe replacement results. And, Hydrosure always surpasses its clients' expectations. 


Hydrosure provides a complete utility management solution and wide-ranging engineering services to a varied group of clients from large companies to households. 

Though recently established in 2017, we have high expertise in the utilities industry, delivering affordable solutions with the minimal disruption. 

With over 25 years in the industry and an appetite for providing a enhanced service, Hydrosure draws upon a wealth of experience, listening to what our clientele want. Hydrosure will confirm that customer fulfilment is of highest significance. 

Using fully skilled engineering specialists and the latest tech Hydrosure will exceed the high principles we endeavour to, and provide an all-inclusive value-for-money solution to become a trusted brand in the industry. 

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