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Our dependable and high-grade water mains replacement Newcastle facilities promise affordable and trench-less systems to confirm the best results for you.


We utilise advanced moling capability to accurately drill boreholes. It’s how we generate augmented passages for water channels with no need for exhaustive and expensive excavations. Furthermore, this method ensures a small footprint on the local environment and mitigates excess disruption. 

For household water mains installations, we generate from the stop tap your property’s boundary an effectual water source up to the inner system. We’re certified to all standards and governmental regulations with our practices to ensure pure, clean, and consumable tap water. 

A Hydrosure consultant will come to your site to understand the requirements of your project. We’ll specify an outline of the proposed works needed, and with your agreement, we’ll kick off the work there and then. You’ll receive a high-quality service in a timely manner. 

Hydrosure is a major contractor with demonstrable clear, first-rate solutions in proven, reliable and durable water main installations. 


We employ a powerful pneumatic moling machine which entrenches horizontal boreholes between entrance and exit excavations. The machines relocates the soil ahead of it using a hammering instrument. Then, by hand, we dig a square exit, roughly two meters deep. We’ll create an exit route through which the moling machines will re surface. After completing the described course, we push the water main through, and out the exit hole. 



This procedure doesn’t just decrease disruption to the locality, it also avoids certain equipment and labour costs. It’s a method which is only slightly intrusive water main installation process which is valid for boring underneath objects, driveways, grassy areas and ditches. 

A further benefit of the moling procedure is protecting the local environment, mitigating intrusive excavation, which avoids disturbing the nearby infrastructure, as well as the quick installation times that are possible. 

By offering the moling process, we can speed up the overall water main installation and give a reliable, affordable and disruption-free installation service, more than can be achieve via excavation. 




Successful moling techniques need particular types of soil to be effective. Each sort of ground composition can affect the process in a different way. We use the moling method in soils made from clay, sand, coarse and fine gravel, and silt. Other earth compositions can harm the equipment and damage the environment. 

We judiciously plot and fulfill all water mains replacement practices to the high industry standards. We provide main water line replacement developments and supplementary services to ensure an enhanced result for our consumers. Any water pipe exchange project encompasses a site review, consultancy from our professionals and providing you with an unsurpassed result. Whether you need a lead pipe exchange or an alternative water main pipe exchange, Hydrosure is the key. 
Replacing a mains water source pipe entails a professional cohort of engineers and advanced gear to supply the best possible pipe change results. And, Hydrosure continually surpasses its clients' expectations. 


Hydrosure delivers a broad utility management offering and wide-ranging engineering solutions to a varied collection of clients, from larger firms to small households. 

Though only recently created in 2017, we have a depth of expertise, ensuring we offer affordable outcomes with only nominal interference. 

With over 25 years in the sector, striving to provide a superior service, Hydrosure uses a breadth of expertise, hearing what its customers need. Hydrosure are comitted to customer satisfaction above all. 

With specialist staff and state-of-the-art technologies Hydrosure will surpass the high ideals we aspiration to, and deliver a complete, affordable result to become a dependable brand in the industry.

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