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We use moling technology for accurate drilling of holes. This technology provides a trenchless pipe repair method that reduces damage compared to conventional water mains replacement Morpeth methods.


A small pneumatic machine is used to dig and clobber the soil to create an underground pathway for replacing the pipe. The trail created enables our professionals to extract the old pipes and insert the new pipeline easily.


As such, the water pipeline is installed without making extensive excavations, which are often pricey. Such installations also result in minimal environmental disturbances.


For domestic water mains replacement projects, our professionals create a streamlined water supply that runs from the stop tap of the property to the interior system. We follow all standards and regulations laid out by the state to ensure our customers enjoy clean and safe tap water for drinking.

Our water mains replacement service is performed in 5 stages:

• Site visitation: Our professionals visit the site and examine the problem.
• Identifying the problem: The professionals make a detailed explanation of the actual problem and how they plan to correct it.
• Excavation: The excavation starts as soon as you come to an agreement.
• Replacing the water main: The professionals use moling technology to replace the water main.
• Connecting and commissioning: Once the new pipeline is installed, other water outlets are connected.

Our professionals are well-versed in this area hence, able to perform a project within the shortest time. Also, the company boasts a track record of providing durable and eco-friendly water main replacement services. As a consequence, you are confident of getting the best services.


Our pneumatic units drill boreholes horizontally between excavations and displace the soil in front through repeated hammering. Hydrosure professionals then dig a square hole measuring 2 meters deep manually and a pathway where the mole will penetrate. When the mole reaches the destination route, we then install the water main.



The use of moling technology in water mains replacement Morpeth presents a range of benefits:
Reduces Equipment and Labour Costs

Conventional pipe replacement methods were pretty expensive as homeowners were required to pay for labour at an hourly rate thus, the longer the repair takes, the higher the cost. Additionally, homeowners were required to pay for the damage caused by the excavation procedure. Moling, on the other hand, makes a small excavation to the ground, so the homeowner does not need to pay for repairs.

Requires a Short Time

Moling provides a quick way to replace pipes. The equipment used to create the pathway eliminates the extensive excavation process, ultimately consuming less time to remove the old pipes and install the new ones.

Digging is Essential for Making Entry Points

Excavation damages the surrounding landscape, which explains why most homeowners loathe replacing pipes with replacement methods and prefer pipe relining techniques. However, pipe relining provides a temporary fix, especially when the pipeline is extremely damaged. Hiring professionals who use the moling pipe replacement method eliminates the need for digging as it is only done to make a pathway for the pipes. As such, the excavation required when moling causes minimal damage to the environment.




Successful moling execution is only possible in certain types of soils. They include clay, sand, silt coarse and fine gravel. The equipment is designed for use on compressible soils; other types of soils not only damage the equipment but also the landscape. Gravel and sand are considered inappropriate especially when densely packed. Boulders and solid rocks, on the other hand, were recently considered entirely unsuitable for moling.

Clearly, water mains replacement requires a team of professionals and high-tech equipment to provide the best pipe replacement solutions, and Hydrosure does not disappoint.


The company offers an extensive range of engineering solutions to diverse groups of customers, including domestic households and corporate organisations.


The company is relatively young as it was established in 2017 but it boasts a wealth of experience in a range of utility services.

Our priority is to ensure our customers are satisfied with our services thanks to our team of professionals, and the use of the latest technologies.


Hydrosure strives to offer value for money and become the most trusted company in this industry.

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