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Our reliable and first-rate water mains replacement services offer inexpensive, trench-less systems to provide the right outcome for you. 


We employ innovative moling expertise to carefully drill boreholes. This is how we make superior waterways without the need of extensive excavation or digging. Also, this procedure the surrounding environment and decreases disruption on local land. 

For home water mains installations, we fabricate an effective water source from the stop tap at the edge of your estate up to the internal system. Our solutions incorporate all legal standards and regulations to deliver clear, clean, and consumable tap water. 

A Hydrosure professional will call on your premises to investigate your requirements. We’ll produce a summary of the work required and, with your approval, we’ll begin work directly. We commit to fully integrated solutions for top results, in good time. 

Hydrosure is a principal contractor with demonstrably high-fidelity solutions, offering durable, reliable water main solutions. 


We apply powerful pneumatic moling capability which excavates horizontal boreholes between entry/exit holes. They move the earth ahead of them using a hammer mechanism. Then, by hand, we excavation a square hole, roughly two meters deep. We’ll create an exit route through which the moling equipment will return to the surface. After finishing the defined pathway, we just thread the water main within. 



Not only does this process avoid excess disruption to surroundings, it also reduces equipment and labour costs. It’s a minimally intrusive water main installation process which is applicable for boring below obstacles, paved areas, grassy areas and ditches. 

A positive aspect of the moling process includes the safety of the environment, avoiding disruption from excavation, less intrusion on nearby infrastructure, and the speedy installation time. 

By providing the moling method, we can cut the time taken to swap a water main. We can also provide a reliable, trusted, and reasonable installation service, than can be achieved with excavation. 




Operative moling procedures need specific types of soil to work. Each ground composition has a different outcome on the method, therefore we use the moling technique in ground made up of clay, silt, sand, and fine and coarse gravel. Further soil compositions can cause problems to the surrounding landscape and the equipment used. 

We vigilantly scheme and provide all water mains substitution methods to industry standards. We offer main water line replacement programmes and other services to deliver an effective outcome for our customers. Any water pipe replacement starts with a survey of the client’s site, advice from our consultants, and providing the most fitting approach. Whether you need a lead pipe replacement or any other water main solution, Hydrosure is key. 

Exchanging a mains water supply pipe demands a dedicated team of engineers and high-quality apparatus to produce the finest pipe replacement outcomes. And, Hydrosure always outshines its clients' expectations


Hydrosure delivers a broad utility management solution and inclusive engineering solutions to a varied group of customers, from big corporations to single households. 

In spite of being established in 2017, we have broad expertise in the industry, offering affordable solutions with the minimal disruption. 

With over 25 years in the sector and a desire for offering a superior service, Hydrosure uses a wealth of knowledge, listening to what its clients need. Hydrosure will guarantee that customer satisfaction is of highest importance. 

Using expert staff and the newest technologies Hydrosure will surpass the high standards we aim for, and provide a complete value-for-money resolution to become a reliable brand in the industry. 

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