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Our reputable and highly rated replacement Cramlington service for water mains uses a trenchless and affordable method aided by the latest technology.


We use moling machines that drill horizontal boreholes through the ground. This creates channels where the water pipes can be passed through. It helps to eliminate the huge cost of a ground excavation. Besides that, it will guarantee a reduce impact on the immediate environment. 

For the installation of domestic water mains, we use a streamline configuration starting from the stop tap at the edge of the house and covering all the interior piping. We comply with all government regulations to ensure that you get clean and safe water in the house. 

The services we offer include identifying what you need to be done and replacing the mains pipes after a careful examination of the site. Later on, we will commission the work. 

Our Hydrosure specialists will come to a site, analyse your needs and then provide you with an outline of what we will do. After we agree on the details, the work can begin. We guarantee you top quality service in the least amount of time. 

Once we are done, the work will be commissioned. Hydrosure is one of the leading certified contractors in all of the UK. They have a great record of achievement in offering nothing but quality to all their clients. 


We will visit the site with a moling unit that will dig a tunnel below the ground between two given points. The moling machine uses hammering to displace soil in front of them. A hole that is two meters deep is dug at either end. When the mole gets to the other side, pulling the pipe through is quite easy. 


A major benefit of this technique is that the cost of labour is drastically reduced. It is also less invasive, which reduces damage to the surroundings. You will also not have to tear up your lawn or driveway just to install the pipes. Moling is also good for preventing disruption to the environment. With the aid of moling, the time to install new pipes is drastically cut down compared to the traditional excavation. 



Moling cannot take place in all soil types; it can only be done in clay, sand, coarse, gravel, silt, and fine gravel. Other types of soil will damage the moles and ruin the environment. 

We are careful when doing moling work and pipe replacement. During the work, we ensure that we comply with all industry best standards. Any pipe replacement project that we undertake is done with customer satisfaction in mind. We always have our experts nearby to ensure that the work meets the highest quality standards. No matter how complex you think your pipe replacement is going to be, you can be sure that we will get through it. 

Replacing water pipes, the right way usually requires a professional engineer and the latest equipment. Luckily, we have both. Our aim is to exceed all of the customer’s expectations. 


Hydrosure is a comprehensive utility company that offers a wide array of engineering solutions to its wide client base that include domestic households and commercial businesses. 

Although the company was created in 2017, it has a team of highly qualified engineers that have been offering their services in the utility sector for years. 

Its experts have over two decades of experience; the company was established to ensure that this experience could seamlessly reach customers. The company’s number one priority is usually customer satisfaction. 

With its team of experts combined with modern technology, the company will meet and exceed all of their customers’ expectations. 

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