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The use of affordable and trenchless methods enable our highly reputable and top-ranked water mains replacement Berwick-on-Tweed services to guarantee the best outcomes to our clients. 


We create optimised water pipe channels without the need for extensive and expensive excavations, we precisely drill boreholes using moling technology. This benefits the local environment with less disturbance and a smaller footprint.

We service domestic water installations with a water supply that is streamlined from the house’s stop tap into the interior system. The integration of all government regulations and standards into our services ensures the provision of tap water that is drinkable, clean, and clear.

Our inclusive water mains replacement service offers an accurate assessment of your needs after concluding site inspections, complete the required excavations, replacement of the water main, connection and commissioning. 
After a Hydrosure specialist completed a site visit and analysed your requirements, a proposed solution will be presented for your approval. We will immediately commence with the work after your approval and will guarantee fully integrated services in the shortest time span, offering the best results. 

After completion of the project, the delivery of the works will be done accordingly. As one of the leading UK certified contractors with the highest quality track record in the delivery of eco-friendly, reliable and durable water main installations. 


Powerful pneumatic moling units are employed to tunnel horizontal boreholes between excavated holes. The moles create the boreholes using repeated hammerings which displace the soil before the mole to create the borehole. Two square holes, approximately 2 metres deep are dug on the proposed route, one serves as the entrance hole and one as the destination hole from where the mole will resurface again. After the mole passed through the established route the water main is effortlessly pulled through.


The slightly invasive method allows for the installation of a water main underneath obstacles, lawns, driveways, and ditches by boring. This reduces labour and equipment costs with minimal disturbance to the surroundings. 

Faster installation times with minimal excavations or disturbances required are some of the benefits that moling offer. There is also the added benefit that the method doesn’t cause any disruption of surface infrastructure or services while protecting the environment.
The moling technique is an efficient, time-saving method to replace a water main installation and provides a more cost-efficient installation when compared with excavation.



Soil types play a major role in the success of the moling method, with sand, clay, gravel both fine and coarse, and silt preferred. Other soil types can cause damage to both the equipment and the landscape. 



Main water line replacement projects are meticulously planned and executed in accordance with industry standards, our projects and additional services are delivered with the aim to guarantee an optimised result.


To provide the best solutions to a water pipe replacement project we do a site survey and consultancy by our experts on the project. Hydrosure holds the key to success when replacing the lead pipe or any other water main pipe replacement. 

A team of professional engineers with high-tech equipment is the key to successfully replace mains water supply pipe with the best pipe replacement solutions. Hydrosure always succeeds in exceeding their client’s expectations.

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