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Our top-ranked services for water mains replacement Alnwick use an excavation-free technique to guarantee the best results. 


To cut down the time needed for each water mains replacement project, we utilise the moling machine that digs horizontal tunnels. It helps to eliminate the cost of excavation and guarantees less impact on the environment. 

For installation of water mains in a home, we come with a concrete plan that ensures a seamless installation from the stop tap outside the house to the interior piping work. We ensure that we observe all regulations to provide clean and safe water for the home. 

As part of the installation service, we conduct a site inspection, identify your personal needs, connect the piping, and commission the project. 

At the start of the project, experts from Hydrosure will visit the site and analyse your needs. They will give you an outline of what will happen and when you hammer out an agreement, the work will begin. You can expect the best results when you work with us. 

The work will be completed and results presented to you. Hydrosure is amongst the top certified contractors in the UK with a good record of accomplishments for various clients. Their installations are eco-friendly and durable. 


To dig the horizontal tunnel below ground, they use a mole machine that pushes soil out of the way using repeat hammering. There are two holes dug at each end of the tunnel, which are two metres deep. After moling, the pipes can then be passed through with ease in just a few minutes. 


A major advantage is that the cost of the whole project is greatly reduced. Besides that, there is very little disruption to the surrounding environment. It is the least invasive water mains installation technique in use in the UK today. 
Benefits include keeping the environment safe since you do not have to dig up your driveway or beautiful lawn. 



This moling technique will work best in fine gravel, coarse gravel, clay, and sand. Other types of soil will damage the machine and leave the environment badly scarred. 

Our team will carefully execute the main replacement process using the highest standard possible. We will also offer additional services to guarantee customer satisfaction based on each project. For one, we will conduct a site survey and consultancy from some of the top minds working at Hydrosure. No matter what type of water replacement project you have, Hydrosure can deliver each time. 

Replacing the mains pipes needs an experienced pro if it is to be done in the right manner. Hydrosure ensures that they meet all the expectations of the client. 


Hydrosure offers a comprehensive list of services for the utility management sector. They have a huge range of solutions for different types of customers. Whether it is a huge installation or a home, they can conduct the installation of the pipes with ease. 

Although the company began in 2017, Hydrosure has a lot of experience in the utility industry. They offer customers cost-effective solutions without causing any major disruption to the environment. 

With more than 25 years of experience in the sector, the Hydrosure experts know how to provide quality service each time. They have a wealth of expertise that they can share with customers who need it. Their priority is customer satisfaction. 

With their qualified staff combined with the latest tunnelling technology, Hydrosure will achieve and exceed all the need you might have. You can be sure that you will get value for money if you hire us. 

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